Comprehensive, customer-oriented services

From design and production to logistics

Reuther STC GmbH stands for first-class engineering and high-quality production. We implement efficient quality management at all stages of production. One of our performance standards is our close customer contact. Only the comprehensive exchange of ideas and information with them can ensure the optimal execution of complex projects.

Reuther STC employs approximately 250 people, including highly qualified welders and locksmiths with many years of professional experience. Tank construction has a long tradition in Fuerstenwalde, located near the metropolis of Berlin in the region of Brandenburg.



Our company is perfectly connected to the transport network by rail and motorway. An easily accessible port is also part of the infrastructure. The site covers an area of approximately 170,000 m2 and thus offers enormous capacities for production and storage.

The size and equipment of our production facilities enable us to produce steel tube towers and other components for wind turbines as well as tanks in series production.




Construction and project planning for our products

Customer consulting, planning and documentation

The best way to benefit from the expertise and resourcefulness of our engineers is to contact Reuther STC at an early stage to discuss your product requirements. We will gain an understanding of your needs and submit a proposal for a custom-made solution to you.

The central question our designers ask is: How can the goals you have set be achieved in the most technologically efficient manner?

We won’t be satisfied until we can present you with an optimal implementation plan which fulfills your technical, financial and time requirements in the best possible way.

Our precise project planning ensures that these criteria are strictly adhered to during the subsequent phases of production, surface treatment, quality control and logistics.


Manufacturing - From raw materials to the finished product, we focus on highest quality

Craftsmanship, latest technological standards and solid organization

The best answer to changes in the market is a flexible company with adaptable production facilities. Complex customer and partner requirements demand specific solutions. For more than 140 years, we have made a name for ourselves as a manufacturer of storage tanks, pressure tanks and components for renewable energies.

Reuther STC consistently strives to keep production conditions up to date with the latest technology and to employ qualified staff. We are proud of our reliable manufacturing processes, which produce first-class products. We also demand the highest quality from our suppliers.

Surface Coatings and Finishings

Standard and special coatings

The surface coating of steel tube towers and hydrogen pressure tanks with standard or special coatings is carried out in professional painting plants. In order to ensure the uniform coating of our products, protect the health of our employees as well as for environmental protection, the paint particles are constantly exhausted from the paint booths.

In addition to other processes, finished surfaces are protected against corrosion and contribute significantly to the longevity of our products.

Surface Coating

Our processes for surface treatment, e.g. for corrosion protection, include:

  • blasting with metallic and mineral abrasives
  • epoxy coatings
  • various paints and varnishes


Installation of built-in components in steel tube towers for wind turbines

Installation of mechanical and electrical components in steel tube towers

Reuther STC supplies steel tube towers for onshore wind turbines with complete interior fittings including platforms, walkways and ladders and complete electrical installation.


Our quality assurance - highly developed test procedures and total quality management

Quality shows in every detail

Our total quality management guarantees strict adherence to all quality standards. The smallest irregularities are detected immediately - before they can even become a problem.

Our quality control starts in the development and quotation phase and continues throughout the entire project. It goes without saying that we also commit our suppliers to these quality standards: All of them fulfill the DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 criteria.

At Reuther, the necessary tests are carried out both by our internal quality assurance department and by authorized external testing institutes.

Reuther STC internal test procedures and cooperation with accredited testing institutes

The most important test procedures performed by Reuther STC are:

  • non-destructive testing methods such as ultrasonic, magnetic particle, dye penetrant, X-ray and leakage testing (in cooperation with accredited testing institutes)
  • mechanical testing of tensile, folding and bending specimens, including micro- and macro-grinding (by accredited testing institutes)
  • special tests for surface protection such as coating thickness testing
  • section thickness testing


Logistics - Ideal transport connections for transporting steel tube towers and storage containers

Highways, railroad, port access and two nearby airports

A wealth of experience, special methods and vehicles as well as a sure instinct: In cooperation with experienced logistics companies, we ensure that our products arrive at your location in the same flawless quality with which they were manufactured.

Transport links

  • by road - Highway A12/E30 Berlin - Frankfurt (Oder) - Warsaw
  • by road - Highway A10 Berliner Ring
  • by ship - nearby port access to the Spree River
  • by rail - European East-West main axis conveniently accessible
  • by plane - 2 Berlin airports