Components for wind energy

Steel tube towers for wind turbines, welded structures for rotor housings, steel foundations and components for offshore wind turbines

Reuther STC has been producing components for wind turbines since 1998.

We are the right partner for wind tower production in all size categories. Depending on the requirements, we produce the sections in different lengths and diameters.

In addition to manufacturing steel tube towers for wind turbines and steel foundations for onshore wind farms, we have also been producing welded structures for magnet wheels and components for foundation structures for offshore wind turbines such as monopiles, jackets and tripods for some years now.


Steel Tube Towers for Onshore Wind Turbines

Your reliable partner for the production of wind energy components since 1998

We are the right partner for the production of steel tube towers for wind turbines in all size categories. Reuther has been manufacturing STC components for wind turbines since 1998.

Based on your requirements, we produce steel tube towers for wind turbines in sections of up to 35 m in length and deliver them with complete interior fittings including platforms, walkways and electrical installations.

Steel tube towers for wind turbines consist of conical and/or cylindrical tower sections with a length of approx. 15 - 35 m, depending on their height. Each section has a flange on both sides and is assembled into a tower at the installation site. Once the sections have been completed in terms of steel construction, they are derusted in the blasting room in accordance with the required standard grade of cleanliness. They are then provided with corrosion protection in accordance with customer specifications. Subcomponents can also be zinc spray galvanized.

In our production plant, all sections are completely equipped with mechanical installations, i. e. assembly platforms, ladders with safety rails and access systems as well as electrical fixtures such as lamps, supply and power cables.


Magnet wheel welded constructions for gearless wind turbines

For a new generation of wind turbines

In addition to the classic wind turbines with gearboxes, gearless wind turbines have also established themselves on the market. Rotor housings are an essential component of these gearless systems. Since 2013, Reuther has been manufacturing these housings with diameters from 4000 to 6500 mm and unit weights from 14 to 35 t for 3MW, 6MW and 7MW turbines. We ensure extremely close tolerance specifications that go far beyond the normal welding tolerances of conventional welded assemblies.


Foundation mounting parts for onshore wind turbines

A strong base for onshore wind towers

Foundation mounting parts serve to anchor wind turbines in the foundation. A foundation mounting component incorporated into the foundation is the connection between the foundation and the wind tower mounted on it.

Foundation mounting parts consist of a rounded steel plate with a welded upper flange (also known as tower pin flange) and a lower flange (also known as stand flange). Various oval holes are drilled into the plate itself, through which the reinforcement is then installed before concreting.


Components for offshore wind turbines

Production of components for offshore foundation structures - tripods, jackets and monopiles

Foundation structures for offshore wind turbines

We manufacture components for tripods, jackets and monopiles for your offshore wind farms.

Offshore wind turbines have to be anchored securely to the seabed. There are various foundation types depending on the location of the wind turbines and the water depth at the site.

  • Monopile foundations (1-tube system for shallow water)
  • Tripod foundations (3-tube system for deep water)
  • Jacket foundations (4-tube system for deep water)

Due to the size of the structures, complete delivery of these foundation options for wind turbines in offshore wind farms is not possible from the inland production site. When required, we therefore only manufacture components in the form of tube sections.

Reuther fully complies with the stringent technical and welding requirements for producing these constructions, especially when handling the relevant offshore steel grades.